Your Challenge: Prepare a supremely decadent and calorie robust dessert or snack to satisfy my hiker hunger. 

My Challenge: Leave no calorie left behind!

Despite the all-you-can-eat buffets in town and candy bar binges on the trail, eating enough food proved to be extremely difficult during my thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail. I frequently found myself struggling to eat enough calories and began to feel the effects the the more miles I walked. A few friends also expressed interest in sending me care-packages on the PCT this year but, while extremely appreciated, a thru-hikers pack is calibrated to a specific weight with gear that took months of planning to figure out. I've even heard rumors of some thru-hikers cutting their toothbrush handle in half to save on weight!

My proposition, blending the two ideas into a friendly competition to find the calorie king (or queen) of the PCT! Who can create the most creative and calorie packed trail dessert or snack, worthy to fill a thru-hiker? I'm eager to find out! The greatest thing about food (especially sweets) for a thru-hiker is that it A) gives us amazing energy, B) is our topic of conversation 90% of the time and C) is the only "gear" that disappears from your pack weight once you use it! And I'll be blogging about all the delectable creations along the way with photographs and shout-outs to all those involved. Will yours be the Fan Favorite or Belly Buster Supreme? 

A few guidelines:

1) I'm lactose intolerant, so milk and butter substitutes would be greatly appreciated. Almond milk, rice milk, almond butter and coconut oil are some great alternatives!

2) I also have a mango allergy, so nothing with mango please :(

3) The food might be sitting in a post office for up to 5 or so days so perish-ability might be a factor. After I figure out all the logistics of those wanting to participate, I'll let everyone know specifics about dates and towns. But, as with trail life, sometimes things don't go as planned and I could be a few days late picking up a package.  

*Send me an email if your interested in participating! 

LBrisko9@gmail.com or Here 

(The earlier, the better as I figure out logistics). During my thru-hike on the AT, I was floored by the generosity others showed to thru-hikers on the trail so Thank you in advance for all your support!