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As I work my way North, I'll be updating the map with information about my next resupply point. I hope you follow along!

Going into trail towns is a big deal for any thru-hiker. Firstly, It means that, if you planned right, your pack is at it's lightest because you've eaten all your food from the last resupply point. I can't stress enough the difference in pack weight between hiking in to town and out of a town. Secondly, going into town might come with the promise of a warm shower, laundry, an all you can eat buffet and sleeping in a bed. And there's always the hectic search for outlets to charge all of your devices! A quick stop by the post office to pick up a pre-made resupply box or trip to the grocery store, and I'm back on the trail refreshed and energized. 

Check out my PCT blog post on trail food and resupply to see what sort of stuff I eat while out on the trail!

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