New Jersey


July 7th-11th

miles: 1,293.6 - 1,365.8

After leaving PA I'm feeling much better. We're starting to get nice vistas again and the rocky terrain has certainly calmed down. NJ also means the potential for more bear sightings. On just my second day in the state I saw two, bringing my total for the trail up to 8. Fortunately, all of them have run away quickly after making lots of noise and yelling gibberish. Just after crossing the border, I caught back up with my friend Fiddler! I had walked with him back down south and was excited to see him again. We walked together, also with a new friend Miami Vice, off and on for the rest of NJ. I also caught back up with the Biff Network, a family from Dallas hiking the trail. I had met them originally in Erwin, TN and with five kids ages 8 to 17, they are hard to miss. With PA safely in the rear view mirror and running into old friends, I'm finally starting to let myself dream about Katahdin. Still, many miles to go...

States completed: Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania

Current: New Jersey

States to come: New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine