New Hampshire


August 12 - 20

Miles: 1799.8 - 1890.9

The White Mountains had a little bit of everything. Good weather, bad weather, smooth terrain, rocky terrain, highs and lows. Overall, they were a good representation of the trail so far.

Shelter in the White's is a little different than it's been for the majority of the trip. Entry into this national forest meant strict stealth camping regulations, paying for campsites and trying to get work-for- stay at the huts. And spending so much time above tree line, it seemed like we were at the mercy of the AMC (Appalachian Mountain (money) Club) who owned most of the camping sites. When you're above tree line, camping is not advised because the weather can change rapidly and you are completely exposed if this happens. One experience in particular left a sour taste in my mouth about the AMC, when we treated especially poorly at the Lake of the Clouds. This was the first time on the trail that I was made to feel like trash, which was quite unexpected after all of the positive comments we'd been hearing. A mixture of this experience, hard terrain and physical fatigue, morale was at a low.

Fortunately, the next day brought good weather and making it up Mount Washington for sunrise cleared away some of the negativity from the day before.

Soon we finished the White's and are looking forward to Maine!