July 19 - July 26

Miles 1506.3 - 1596.7

Looking back on my journey through Mass, it's hard not to think about it without remembering the incessant buzzing of mosquitoes. Luckily I had my nifty bug net shirt to keep the damage at a minimum. I had some great times to offset all the bites though and overall had an amazing time.

One of my favorite places on the trail this far is Upper Goose Lake Pond. This was an amazing cabin in the middle of the woods next to an equally spectacular pond with a bunk house, canoes and kayaks. It is completely donation based and is open to any hiker who happens to walk by. The property is run by a group of caretakers who make sure the property is staffed all summer long and make pancakes and coffee for hikers in the morning. Adios, Warcry and I were all told about this place and beforehand and spent the whole day there swimming and hanging out with other thru-hikers. To make it even sweeter, midday a couple showed up with trail magic of pizza and cookies!

A little later was our trip to the famous Cookie Lady! She and her husband welcome hundreds of hikers into their home every year and give out homemade cookies! Mr. Cookie Lady informed us we were the 20something hikers to show up just hat day... It's safe to say we're in the bubble!

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments! One of my favorite parts of going into town is taking my phone off airplane mode and reading all the words of encouragement!

Until next time,