July 26 - August 7

Miles 1596.7 - 1746.5

Vermont is the best smelling state on the trail this far! Immediately after crossing into VT, the smell of pine, spruce and fir hit us like a ton of bricks (but was much welcomed after not showering for a few days)! Entering into VT also meant that we would be walking part of the Long Trail, about the first 100 miles. The LT is the oldest long-distance trail in the United States and runs from VT's southern border up to Canada. Along the way we met so many new hikers walking the LT, something to add to the bucket list!

For now I've been regularly hiking with 8 paws (Clover, M&M and Mya the dog), Laces, Adios, South Paw and Airlock. It's been amazing hiking with a group and we've slowed down a bit to enjoy the remaining miles.  Most of the day I still hike alone but for lunch breaks and at night we all usually end up in the same place.

Vermont has also been the state of ponds and great views. Every day brings about a wonderful new pond for swimming (and bathing) and climbs with rewardingly epic views. And with every new view leads to us trying to spot the White Mountains.  As we get closer to White Mountain National Forest, their peaks loom in the distance almost tormenting us. As NoBo's we've been hearing about the White's for 1,500 miles now and they're all anyone talks about now. The reason for all this is the difficulty of the mountains there. For a while now we've become used to long miles days with elevation gains of roughly 1,000 feet at a time. In the White Mountains however we'll be forced to tone down our mileage considerably as we take on 4,000+ feet of elevation change at a time. But no need to worry just yet...

See you in New Hampshire,