May 17th- May 23rd

I'm back on the trail after Trail Days and glad to be hiking again. The time off seemed to shift people around too. Some folks went to Damascus, some continued walking, so now I feel that I'm meeting more new people than ever. 

A routine has definitely formed, wake up, walk north, sleep, repeat, and I've found comfort in the simplicity of the schedule. When in doubt, follow the white blazes and it's pretty interesting how much we've (AT hikers) have all become creatures of habit. We've learned by now that the white blazes are our lifeline. They haven't failed me yet, so I follow them at all cost. So much so sometimes that when the trail comes to a road I've actually been confused as to where to go next (usually the answer is directly across).

Also, here are some rules for never getting lost on the AT: 

1) Always follow the white blazes. If you think the trail should be going a different way than where the white blazes are taking you, you're wrong.

2) If you're on a trail and you see an adjacent mountain that goes higher than the mountain you're about to climb, you're on the wrong trail. 

3) If you come to a fork in the path and one way ascends and the other descends, always choose up.

4) Never be afraid to ask a passerby if they are Nobo or Sobo. It might save you hours of time and miles of travel in the end.