May 24th - June 3rd

Towards the end of May I started walking longer miles and continued to meet up with friends Adios, Autodraft and Bandit. Our longest day so far was a 26.4 mile day which took us from all the way from Niday Shelter (mile 685.3) to McAfee Knob (mile 7.11.7). Around mid-morning that day we were lucky to hit some trail magic provided by former thru-hikers and made our way to see the Audie Murphy Monument. Audie Murphy was the most decorated WWII soldier and it was especially fitting that we were there on Memorial day weekend.  Around midday we hit Dragon's Tooth and caught back up with Stealth Bomber and Cyborg. A few more miles and a few more calories (eaten and burned) we were excited to make it to the Knob in time for sunset! No camping is allowed on the Knob so we definitely didn't camp there that night and then wake up for an amazing sunrise the next morning :) 

Early the next morning we headed out for Daleville, VA where we took a much needed zero day to recover. 

A few more days and a few more miles, still traveling with Adios and Bandit, we stopped by Glasgow, VA to resupply and see the dinosaur statue we'd heard about from other hikers. In honor of the upcoming Jurassic World premier we shot this amazing video: www.facbook.com/james.cape2/videos/10103531298042273/ 
Mad props to Autodraft for editing and production!

On June 3rd I arrived in Waynesboro, VA ahead of schedule and will wait for my first visitor of the trip, big sis!
I can't wait to hike Shenandoah Valley National Park with Elyse! Wish up luck!