My love to examine has fueled my exploration of the outdoors and physical challenges.  As an ambitious and energetic person, I am driven to explore and seek to share my acquired knowledge to others. This passion recently was at the heart of my decision to focus on my goal of hiking the Appalachian Trail. Through determination and perseverance in multitude of conditions, I was able to complete my goal of walking from Georgia to Maine. Although I have been an avid day hiker for most of my life, thru-hiking gave me an added perspective, understanding the idiosyncrasies of both day trips and extended ones. On the trail I familiarized myself with top hiking products and equipment types as well as experienced countless hours hiking in a myriad of conditions. What I was drawn to most about the trail however, was the community of people who support our national trail systems and represent the hiking culture.


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Off trail, I'm an Architect. Please check out my resume and portfolio with these links:  Resume  //  Portfolio